26. March 2015

We often get the question why it is important for companies to have a website. The answer is that the internet has become the primary tool to find information about products and services; particularly in today's era of Facebook and Google.

Example: A potential client searches Veterinary in Google. And while information may be available on other veterinaries from comulative sites such as the yellow pages, a managed website will offer more information on, for instance, services, opening hours, and qualifications. Most importantly it will offer full control over what a company or firm wants to communicate to the pulic.

In addition, if you are mentioned on the yellow pages or any other website, backlinks are created to your own website. In other words, sites that link to your website improve your ranking in search engines. It is also possible to manage a multiple of sites or be on Twitter or Facebook to boost traffic to your site and thus publicity for your company. And while this requires a time and financial investment, the outcome will be more than worth it.

Example: If you work as a handy man you may link to partners you work with. In return, your partners may link back to you and thus create additional traffic and improve your search ranking. Additional platforms are linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, or guest posts on relevant websites. If the topic and your message are relevant, people will visit your site and thus become aware of your services and products.

There are multiple streams of free advertising in addition to those platforms and media that require a financial investment; such as ads on Facebook or relevant websites.

Also important: Everything new and recently launched takes time to reap the benefits. The greater your presence, the faster and more memorable your company, services, and products will be. Linkbuilding through a greater internet presence, for instance, is a relatively easy and cost effective tool that is increasingly gaining importance for success.

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