27. March 2015

WHat are construction kits?t

Web construction kits are a special form amongst content management systems. While they might appear an easy solution at first, their functionalities are very limited. Their two primary advantages are theat they are cheap and that a website can be created within your browser and without any additional software.

Most hosting services offer these kits. While they might appear a cost-effective solution for your needs, here are a few reasons for why it may be more beneficial to opt for a professional website; particularly long-term:

  • Would you like an individual design? Construction kits offer very limited freedom in how you can design your own website.
  • You get a WYSIWYG-Editor (What You See Is What You Get). While apparently practical, the editor will not only change the coding of your website but also the appearance, the so called frontend. With the changed, unclean code your search ranking will suffer, as your websites coding plays a significant role in its ranking by Google and other search engines.
  • The design is not unique to you, but you will share it with everyone else who constructed their website with the construction kit. The only things different are your personally created content and the images you have uploaded. If visitors come across a multiple of sites created with construction kits, it potentially leads them to believe that they have already viewed your site and leave your site; also known as bouncing (a brief visit of a site without reading any content and the chance of building return visitor traffic).
  • For a perfect ranking in search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity. With a precoded construction kit, this optimization is not possible and reducing the chances of your website being found in Google and the likes.
  • In order to backup your website, FTP access is key. As construction kits do not allow for such access, your backup ability are extremely limited requiring your to adopt alternative ways to save your website. This, however, will take time and quite costly.
  • Construction kits do not allow for editor accounts; i.e. allowing others to write or upload content. The only way around this is by allocating administrative accounts. This, however, will come with major security issues, as every user with such rights is able to delete or destroy content or your entire website.

For private use, for instance, for sharing holiday photos with loved ones, a construction kit is sufficient. It generally does not require SEO or a professional appearance. Companies, in contrast, require professional and high performing websites that rank high in search engines and communicate professionalism and success to potential clients.

For that matter, it is advisable for every entrepreneur to not save on their website. What once was the business card and your sales pitch is now the professonal appearance of the company's website.